Here is some Educator's features

Measurable knowledge

7 types of questions, quizzes and other interactive activities. Well, we just could not imagine more ways to measure and qualify the knowledge of people you train.

No ugly interfaces

Whether you train or get trained, everything is clear, intuitive and in its place. And it does not irritate

Not a huge enormous system

Yes, we have not added tons of unnecessary integrations, features, and configurations. We have combined just what a company needs to actually train.

No training to train

You don't need a dedicated person to manage an LMS. Be that course creation, attending a training session or updating the content in the system -anyone in you team will know how to do that from the 1st launch.

Good pricing options

If you need to train 20 people, your company should not pay for a 10. If you don't need super advanced integrations that are nearly never used, you should not get charged for them

Actionable reporting

No row data, no database-looking interfaces. Every action of people you train gets tracked and compiled into a clear and readable picture for you. Right in your browser.

In the cloud

Your goal is to train. We take care of the rest. Our job is to make sure that training is the only thing you spend time on in Educator. Maintenance, update,s and uptime is on us.

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