training and on-boarding platform
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Educator.IO provides a friendly yet functional environment for:
Training your team;
On-boarding new hires;
Educating customers & partners;
Provide the information they need in one location
Ensure they are digesting the knowledge
Track their progress in real time
Get the deliverables much faster than before
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Assign or suggest courses based on job role/department
Automatically provide and update learning materials
Don’t interrupt work process to train
Collect relevant statistics on achievements
Engage your team
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Educating customers and partners
Share and update collateral on the go
Fit their schedule at all times
Measure their knowledge in real-time
Forget about offline training
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Be sure everyone is compliant
Actually verify the knowledge
Issue the certificates if needed
Get next event suggestions automatically
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Educator IO makes managing of training processes trouble-free.

Just enjoy the results.

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