Centralized place for any kind of training activities.
Accessibility 24/7 from any device;
Flexibility with scheduling;
Learning at individual pace (limited by deadlines);
Visibility of the whole training process;
Possible integration with solutions you already have;
Course marketplace on demand. 20000+ courses available;
No training is required to use it.
Clear, modern and intuitive interface;
Built based on feedback of real people;
Core functionality in the foreground;
Powerful feature-set in the background;
Customization on-demand;
Separate interfaces and flows for different types of access;
Dedicated technical admins are not needed;
No additional infrastructure is needed;
No proprietary formats;
Support for any common format of training materials;
Guaranteed uptime and availability;
No technical skills required to roll-out and manage;
No additional development required;
No additional hardware/software is needed;
Free support;
Educator IO makes managing of training processes trouble-free.
Free trial