Steps to Create Productive Training Process in Your Company From Scratch

Based on feedback of our readers we’ve combined this post that should help you build and easily manage training process at any scale. Consider these steps as and bird-eye view on training in a company.

  1.     Creating the process itself

Whenever it comes to creating any process it takes time and effort to prepare everything and make sure nothing is missed. In the ideal world training process should be created once and then you, as a person in charge will only need to update materials from time to time and apply some tweaks. What are the general steps to create a training process from scratch:

      Build the company hierarchy. Different groups require different training. As well as they require different schedule for that.
      Build the schedule. How often should your divisions get trained. Should there be any recurring event.
      Verify the goal. Once the team is trained, what should change in their performance? As long as you measure everything, you’ll be able to see the actual impact of your activities in real time.
      Define the success. What results of training are considered successful, what passing score is acceptable? What should happen with those, who have not passed?
      Decide what materials should be used for every particular training session. Think of adding engaging materials live videos, live webinars, quizzes.
      Make sure you have notifications set up, so that no one would miss.

  1.     Training materials:

      Prepare list of materials for every division and team that needs to be trained
      Digitize materials. Digital documents are much cheaper to generate and update.
      Do not get tied to any proprietary format. It’s much easier to use common formats like PDF, PowerPoint presentations
      Add videos, link webinars to make training more engaging
      Define the list of materials that should be available after the training

  1.     Verifying the knowledge:

      prepare the list of questions for every training session
      if it is a long lasting training, make sure to prepare quizzes and questions that will be inserted after each block
      think of a grading approach
      define required passing score

  1.     Chose a proper platform to manage training. It should have:

      built-in scheduling
      user-friendly interface for managers and end-users
      multi-format support
      courses auto-assignment
      built-in grading system
      statistics and reporting

If you follow these steps, you’ll create and manage a training process of any scale with ease. And your team will get more productive.

Feedback is appreciated.

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