Use it for making new hires productive faster:
Centralized knowledge base. Online, accessible from any device 24/7. This way you make data as reachable as possible.
Interactive onboarding process. The information you want your new teammates to know and use is easily digested thanks to various formats of content supported: videos, live webinars, presentations and different types of tasks.
Measurable progress. Built-in testing engine with quick quizzes, questionnaires, and other types of tasks will validate the knowledge of your employees and show you real-time progress. And straightforward course builder allows you to adjust any session in no time.
Predictable deliverables. Your new hires will have visual info on where they are standing right now and what’s still ahead. People tend to do things better and faster when they see the logical end.
Employee training
Use it to make your employees a team of overperformers:
Centralized online platform for all the training. You’ll have all the planned courses, training sessions, tests, materials in one place and online. Available 24/7
Automatic assignments. If there is some kind of recurring training in your company, that can be handled automatically. Every person that has passed it, will automatically get an assignment for the next training or testing. Now you won’t be able to miss anything.
Remote learning. Your employees should be able to receive the knowledge at their own pass. So you process should allow them to study the materials pass the training at home after work, or early in the morning. This will make the training so much more efficient and will save a lot of time.
Easy-to-manage training materials. All the materials should be in one place, available at all times. And you should be able to update them with one click in real time.
Measurable knowledge. When using a centralized place for corporate learning you can collect all the metrics you need in real time. Time, efficiency, attempts, results. And you can make decision based on that.
Partners and customers training
Use it to make your partners more efficient:
Share and update collateral on the go. All the materials that need to be distributed among partners and customers will be located in one online location and can be updated at any time. Additional courses or collateral can be provided on demand. This way you’ll be sure that all your partners and customers always have the latest version of needed info.
Fit their schedule at all times. Hosting training sessions online makes it easy to train employees of your partners and customers without having to spend their time too much. They can always proceed with training at their own pace.
Measure their knowledge in real-time. Built-in testing engine provides a variety of ways to measure the knowledge and all the results are collected in a centralized location. Now it is easier to adjust content to make it more efficient based on the results of previous training sessions.
Forget about offline training. Cloud gives the power of flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Now any training event can be prepared and hosted in minutes vs days and weeks for offline events.
Compliance training
Use it for proper certification and training:
Make sure no one misses a mandatory training. Being compliant is a must in many cases. Automate the process of certification, notifications about upcoming certifications and this way your employees will never miss another mandatory training again.
Actually verify the knowledge. It is important to be sure, that your employees have all the information, knowledge and skills to stay safe and compliant. Use built-in testing approaches to automatically test them and assign additional materials if needed.
Issue the certificates with ease. Whenever any testing is passed you can automatically issue a certificate with a preconfigured validity. The owner of the certificate will be notified prior to expiration date.
Get next event suggestions automatically. Once the certificate is about to expire employee will get a booking for the next closest training session. In case some training courses are mandatory for particular divisions at your company, every new hire will be assigned to mandatory courses automatically.
Educator IO makes managing of training processes trouble-free.
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