For those who manage training and onboarding
Own the whole training and on-boarding process:
Manage licenses and roles;
Manage groups and divisions;
Assign courses;
Setup deadlines;
Receive actionable reports;
Automate the whole process;
For those who train and on-board
Organize and handle training and onboarding with ease:
Manage participants;
Share and update content;
Use SCORM, PDFs, DOC or any other format as learning materials;
Link external solutions for webinars, videos, planning;
Verify knowledge and collect results automatically;
Track the productivity of every individual;
Setup schedule and time-frames for courses;
For those who should be trained and onboarded
Get the knowledge you need at your own pace:
Automatically receive access to assigned courses;
Have all learning materials at hand;
Link your calendar to meet the deadlines;
Receive notifications for every upcoming and completed even;
Track your own progress;
Receive certificates and get notified before they expire;
Educator IO makes managing of training processes trouble-free.
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